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New Beginnings Affirmation Candle Box

Introducing our 2024 New Beginnings Gift Box – a curated experience for a year of positivity, growth, and self-reflection.

Inside the box includes a 10-ounce soy Wax Candle in our uplifting White Tea and Lemon Scent designed to create a tranquil ambiance and set the tone for introspection.

Seven Self-Care Affirmation Cards to Elevate Your Spirits Daily with Affirmations tailored to inspire positivity and Self-Assurance. Let each card guide you towards a mindset of growth and resilience.

A Pocket Notebook to Capture Your Journey, perfect for jotting down moments of gratitude, reflections, and aspirations.

White Match Box

Please note notebook comes in three colorways. White, Sage, and Oatmeal. Please select from the drop-down menu. 

**Best Practices for Using Your Gift Box:**
1️⃣ **Candlelight Reflection:** Light the soy wax candle during moments of reflection to create a serene and contemplative atmosphere.

2️⃣ **Daily Affirmations:** Pull an affirmation card each day to set positive intentions and reinforce self-belief.

3️⃣ **Gratitude Journaling:** Utilize the pocket notebook to record moments of gratitude, personal reflections, and goals throughout the year.

This gift box is a celebration of self-care and intentional living, guiding you towards a year filled with positivity and personal growth. Embrace the journey with our 2024 New Beginnings Gift Box – where every moment becomes a step towards a brighter future.