Hello There Lovely, 

This is your #selfcaresunday reminder that it is not selfish to love yourself, to take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's vital for your mental health, and these days, it's more important than ever. 

Here are 5 simple acts of Self-Care that only take a few minutes but can make the world of difference. 

1. Look in the mirror and say something nice to yourself. Repeat it throughout the day, Affirmation Style. 

2. Pour your favorite cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy every sip. Pour a second if you want to. 

3. Journal, Pray, or Express Gratitude to yourself or a loved one. 

4. Spend a little extra time with your family. Or take a little break from them if you need that instead. No judgment!

5. Give yourself ONE HOUR to do something you love but never make time for. Maybe you bake your favorite cake, get a pedicure, or complete a few chapters from that novel you haven't visited in a while. 

Whatever you do today, make sure you give yourself a little time, love, and self-care. You deserve it! 

with Love & Lather, 


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