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Zebra Balm
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Zebra Balm

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Sweet Orange and Almond Hydrating Salve for dry, dehydrated, chapped skin. Handmade with Organic Beeswax to protect your skin and help lock in moisture, keeping you hydrated all day long. Solid at room temperature and melts right into your skin. Like most Oil Based Slaves, a little Zebra Balm goes a long way! a little goes a long way. Safe for daily use on all skin types,Tattoo Safe. Lip Safe. External use only. 

Naturally made in small batches with Organic Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Sweet Almond, Orange Essential Oil. Apply small amount of Zebra Balm directly to skin. Reapply as needed.  

Shelf Life 6 Months 

May melt or sweat in extreme heat. 

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