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Sea Salt & Clay Detoxifying Mud Scrub

Sea Salt & Clay Detoxifying Mud Scrub

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Say goodbye to congested dull skin with our Sea Salt & Clay Detoxifying Mud Scrub. Rhassoul clay is known for it's mild yet abrasive texture, cleansing and purifying properties. Rich in minerals like silica, magnesium, potassium and  calcium, which help to nourish skin. Heavenly scented with an uplifting aroma of lavender and lemongrass essential oils.  

To use simply scoop out a small amount of scrub with clean dry fingers, or spoon and gently scrub over body neck to toe in circular motions. Rinse away with warm water. 

Shelf life 6 months. 

Handmade in small batched with sea salt, rhassoul clay, grapeseed oil, lavender and lemongrass essential oil.