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All natural, handmade products made with you in mind... 

Salt & Shea products are held to the highest standard when it comes to ingredients. As a licensed esthetician, skin care specialist and woman with sensitive skin, my passion and priority is to provide products that will keep you clean, moisturized, exfoliated and most of all, happy!

Everything is handmade, down to the wooden molds:

Soap boxesI still can’t believe it. I really wanted these amazing handcrafted wooden molds from my favorite soap supplier. But I was just getting started and they were just so expensive at the time. So I researched online and figured out how to make a soap box. After a lot of "trial and error" I finally figured out the perfect dimension to hold the exact amount of soap my recipe called for. This all just so happened to be on a weekend that my handy boyfriend was out of town. But thanks to Lamar (a.k.a. most amazing home depot employee ever!) I was able to accomplish my goal! I pathetically asked him to cut me a piece of wood to make my soap box. What's the saying, measure twice, cut once? Lamar must know it well, because my dimensions were a little off, so he helped me design new boxes, with the right type of wood.. Six wooden molds later, I was ready to begin my adventures in production. Thanks Lamar!



Production process for soap

Pre-cut soapAll of our products are handmade start to finish the old fashion way. Our soap is made by mixing lye with a blend of skin loving oils, fats, butters, and wax with natural and therapeutic essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. Once mixed the soap is carefully poured into the individual molds (I have more than six now!). Once the soap has cured enough to be removed from the mold, each bar is individually cut and laid to start the 4-6 week cure process. Once the lye has evaporated, and the bar is ready to use resulting in a beautiful, natural, bar of soap.


Bath soaks, salts and scrubs




All products are hand mixed in small batches to ensure the
Salts and scrubsperfect blend of quality ingredients. Our soaks and scrubs are made to help you calm your mind, body, and skin with a unique blend of salts, oils, and botanicals. Our yummy body scrubs are hand mixed in small batches with your skin in mind (sensitive, normal, oily). Exfoliation is key to healthy skin and we make it easy for you. Our scrubs will leave your skin soft and smooth.













All balms are hand poured in small batches. Made by infusing oils, waxes and other all natural products and patiently air drying to perfection.

Care and preservation

All of our products are made free of preservatives so storage is key. Store soaps in a dry, cool, place with air flow. Do not store in direct sunlight due to the natural herbs and essential oils. Soap bars last longer if able to dry in between uses and will get soft in a pool of standing water.

Bath salts and body scrubs may go bad or grow mold if left opened with water access. Close lids tightly between uses and store in cool, dry place.