Fall Collection

Inspired by all the little things that make Fall so special. Crunchy Leaves, Spiced Apples, Bold Fruit, Cozy Sweaters, and delicious wine. 

Shop from our collections of Artisan Soap, Body Scrubs, Lotion Bars, Candles, and More! 

Shea Butter Lotion Bars from $8.00
Warm and Cozy Soap Trio $29.00
Fall Soap Sticks Gift Box $20.00
Juicy Apple Shea Butter Soap $10.00
Fig and Leaf Shea Butter Soap $11.00
Mulled Wine Shea Butter Soap $10.00
Cozy Cashmere Shea Butter Soap $10.00
Warm Flannel Shea Butter Soap $10.00
Pumpkin Chai Body Scrub $18.00
Juicy Apple Body Scrub $18.00
Fig and Leaf Body Scrub $18.00
Cranberry Marmalade Body Scrub $18.00
Mulled Wine Body Scrub $18.00
Cozy Cashmere Body Scrub $18.00
Warm Flannel Body Scrub $18.00
Pumpkin Chai Soy Wax Candle from $8.00
Apple Harvest Soy Wax Candle from $10.00
Cranberry Marmalade Soy Wax Candle from $10.00
Mulled Wine Soy Wax Candle $10.00
Sweater Weather Soy Wax Candle from $10.00
Warm Flannel Soy Wax Candle from $10.00
Autumn Stroll Soy Wax Candle from $8.00
Spiced Honey Soy Wax Candle $24.00
Coffee House $22.00
Gift Wrap / Wooden Box Add On from $2.00